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Nunthorpe History Group

purpose of the group 

We are a small self supporting group based in Nunthorpe, located  on the southern green space boundary of Middlesbrough.

The group was formed in 2011 with the aim of learning more about the history and heritage of our local area.

A small number of books have already been written about Nunthorpe.   The Nunthorpe History Group intends to publish their own history book.  The basis of producing this book originated during the preparation of the "Nunthorpe Design Statement", a document produced as a partnership project between the community and  Middlesbrough Council, providing guidance for developers intending to build in Nunthorpe.  A section of this document was dedicated to the history of Nunthorpe and incorporated into the the original evidence portfolio. As only a portion of this evidence made it into the Design Statement it was decided to incorporate the more detailed historical information into a separate book. To produce this book and to further research into the history of Nunthorpe it was decided to form a local history group

The group aims to organise a number of public talks a year. If you would like to attend one of our meetings we would be pleased to see you on the date to be advertised in the Institute in the Avenue School, Nunthorpe.  Meetings commence at 7:00 PM.


Subjects of interest and potential projects for the history group :-

Would you like to select a speciality and work on it for the group?

·        Local archaeology

·        Early Nunthorpe settlement

·        Nunthorpe Village

·        Nunthorpe Hall and chapel

·        Grey Towers

·        St Mary’s Church and vicarage

·        Methodist Church

·        St Bernadettes Church

·        Other religious venues

·        The Institute

·        Railway Station and rail routes

·        Early roads and transport

·        Notable families

·        The Iron Masters

·        Significant houses

·        Farms and farming

·        The Tree

·        Early urban Nunthorpe

·        Early house names

·        Wartime memories and accounts

·        Political boundaries - division of Greater Nunthorpe across railway line

·        Nunthorpe sports and activities

·        The Polo Field

·        Public interest societies in Nunthorpe

·        Businesses in Nunthorpe

·        Local Schools

·        Local politics in Nunthorpe


Research and community outreach -

 ·        Nunthorpe history time line

·        Census information

·        Gravestone and memorial information

·        Maps

·        Old photographs

·        Early resident’s stories

·        Local walks of interest

·        Photograph and painting gallery

·        Enquiry forum

·        Property ownership research in local archives


History Group actions and projects –

 ·        Seek a venue

·        Community launch

·        Seeking funding for projects

·        NHG website

·        NHG Newsletter

·        Group meetings

·        Public meetings and presentations – guest speakers

·        Public exhibitions

·        “History of Nunthorpe” book

·        Nunthorpe DVD

·        Links with Teesside Archives

·        Networking with other local History Groups

Seeking training workshops (from Archives staff etc.)

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