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John Ross of Whitby was a photographer in Whitby from about 1904 to 1920. 

He was born in a yard on Church Street and his father was a jet worker.

He certainly took photo's before 1900, but I don't think he started producing photographic postcards until 1904.

The last I know of are from 1919.

 He continued producing postcards after 1920 but all as JTR Series cards, which were printed. I think he may have suffered ill health from the chemicals used to produce the photographic cards, but that is speculation on my part. He died in 1929.

 Incidentally apart from Whitby and area he also produced cards for Great Ayton, Great Broughton, Yarm and Egglescliffe. He had several brothers and sisters and I suspect that one or more of them moving to Tees-side is the reason. There are several cards of his from the Tees-side area. I think he was in Teesside regularly, possibly visiting family. 


Richard Moore